Advantages Of Wearing A Sports Bra

A good sports bra isn't just an accessory; it's more than that. Every woman must have a couple of cute sports bras in their closet. You will be amazed to find out that sports bras have proven their worth in medical benefits too. Wearing a poorly fit traditional bra hampers not only your exercise performance but also affects your health. So, women who work out regularly should stay extra cautious about their workout rig.

Let's discuss the benefits of wearing a sports bra while exercising:

#1. Supports your breast

Women who exercise daily in a traditional bra complain more about breast pain. Intense movements can stretch and tear the ligaments surrounding the breast. It also causes irreversible damage like drooping and sagging of the breast. The right fit sports bra can offer enough support and helps prevent this condition from occurring prematurely.

#2. Eliminates discomfort by minimizing breast movement

Your regular or traditional bras can cause discomfort and pain even while engaging in low-impact exercises, including walk, job, and stretching. It is because regular bras can't keep breasts in position while exercising. According to a study by the University of Portsmouth, "Breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with." It is where your sports bra comes into motion. They are designed to handle any movement while offering maximum comfort. In other words, they hold breasts firmly in one place. Their lack of underwires, delicate fabrics, and firm ribbing makes it easier for a woman to move around.

#3. Controls temperature and regulate sweat

Thanks to the advanced fabric, sports bras minimize sweat by absorbing them. This, in turn, prevents moisture buildup and the risk of bacteria and odors, keeping your body cool while exercising. You can wear a sports bra even if you're not exercising to beat the hot weather.

#4. Can be worn after injuries and surgeries

Women who have undergone surgeries, injuries, or augmentation are not advised to wear regular bras as they don't offer proper support. Also, sports bras can enhance breast healing and prevent sagging. However, make sure to follow your doctor's instructions to avoid any discomfort.

#5. Improves blood circulation

The hooks, elastics, underwires, and sometimes fabric of regular bras can hinder healthy blood circulation, causing health issues in the longer term. On the other hand, sports bras don't impede blood circulation.


We know regular bras are more in use than sports bras, but we want you to make a healthy choice as regular bras can cause tension and pain in your shoulders and back. We recommend you to wear a sports bra regularly to avoid such health issues. You can even put them on while doing your chores, lounging at home, or running errands. As they don't have hooks, you can slip on and take them off easily. Moreover, these bras fit snugly around the upper torso and hold the breast in place, reducing the chances of awkward moments of nasty stares and glances.

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