How to Choose the Best Women's Activewear?

Choosing the right set activewear is not about picking up matching top and bottom. It is about choosing the clothes that allow you to perform your workout comfortably and efficiently.

The right activewear can greatly boost your stamina, motivation, and confidence.

Different workout calls for different types of activewear, so ladies… if you're planning to buy yourself fresh new activewear, consider the following tips:

Tips for choosing the right activewear for women

Wearing the right activewear before hitting your gym is necessary. The right clothes to complete your exercises smoothly is as crucial as having the right equipment. So, let’s dive right in to find the right activewear women's clothes!

1. Innerwear

Choosing the right-fit inner wears for performing exercises is often overlooked. However, the perfect sports bra is essential to support your breasts while performing exercises. It can keep all the health issues, including back and neck pains, sagging, ligament damage, and infections, at bay.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind while choosing a sports bra:

  • Choose a low-impact bra for slow to medium paced workouts like walking, yoga, rowing, cycling, swimming, TRX, Kayaking, and more
  •  A medium impact bra for hiking, dancing, Zumba, brisk walking, and running
  • High impact bras for activities like playing hockey, football, jumping, and gymnastics

2. Underpants

Always choose flexible underpants for the workouts. As your workout session also includes ‘legs’ workout, you must choose bottoms that are not too tight and are flexible. Legging, sweat pants, gym shorts, cycling shorts, and yoga pants are some great activewear pieces. Whichever underpants you’re planning to buy, make sure they’re comfortable, light-weight, quick-drying, and have anti-microbial abilities. Note: Shorts are the most comfortable activewear piece, but the only problem with them is that they show too much skin. So if you’re concerned about showing off too much skin, you can always opt for sweat or yoga pants.

3. Breathable t-shirts

Just like underpants, your t-shirts must be comfortable and flexible. They should also have quick-drying and anti-microbial abilities to keep you away from any infection due to sweat. Your best option would be cotton or polyester material t-shirts. These will not only trap the body heat, but will also absorb the sweat from your body (due to wicking abilities), allowing your skin to breathe. You can also choose Lycra and Spandex material t-shirts for your workout sessions.

4. Bright colors

Most women prefer to wear black activewear when they work out. However, the fact is that bright color outfits can improve your mood and motivate you to perform better. So if you like to wear dark clothes, you can always match them up with bright colors.

5. Snug fit shoes

Right-size shoes can transform your whole workout session. You can always switch between running and gymming shoes that offer more protection, depending on the type of workout you’re performing. Also, ensure to wear cotton socks that are neither too tight nor too loose. Tight socks can constrict your legs, and loose ones can slide, making it uncomfortable for you to perform your workout.

Well, these are some of the crucial tips that every woman must follow while purchasing the activewears. Lastly, make sure to try on these clothes before buying them to ensure you feel comfortable in them. Pay close attention on your outfits to know how they make you feel.

If you still have any doubts about choosing the best activewear for women, do let us know in the comment section!