Being active opens door to a bigger life. And being able to do it in thoughtfully designed technical clothing that supports your every movement is fundamental to unleashing the power of body, which in turn will translate into mastery of mind and serenity of soul. 

This hence led to the birth of Akari Yoga. Believing in that every woman deserves the right to realize her full physical potential, we invest in apparel technology that best supports the needs of active women like you and offer our curated products at a much more affordable price than our competitors of similar quality, empowering you to become your most glamorous self through sweating and movement

Our 3 Core Values

Movement Matters

Being active opens door to a bigger life, which in turn will translate into mastery of mind and serenity of soul.


Performance Empowers

We invest in the best-in-class apparel and fabric technology that unleashes the full potential of your body. 


Designed to Last

We design clothes that transition from workout to work to weekend. Because you need pieces that can carry you through your whole day and last for years.


Our Core Technology - The Science of Fabric

We have a group of fabric scientists working tirelessly at our headquarters to push the boundary of activewear technology. At our lab, more than 1,000 pieces of fabric have been tested to engineer the perfect combination of fabric technologies and knitting techniques, with only one purpose: to unlock your full potential in training.

Our three cutting edge fabrics include:

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High Quality, Without the Markups

We are on a quest to revolutionalize the traditional athleisure industry.

On average, 75% of the price you pay for traditional athleisure brands goes into marketing, branding and retail costs. Only 25% is spent on the products you purchase. 
As enthusiastic athletes ourselves, we found it frustrating to always have to break an arm and a leg to get high quality athleisure products. We also found it unfair to us customers, as the 75% marketing costs do not any add value to our wearing experience at all!
Hence, we decided to experiment with a new model - to set up our own team of fabric scientists and designers to produce high quality athleisure, while cutting out the 75% marketing markup by maintaining an online-only setting and keeping only minimal advertisement.
We work directly with manufacturers which have 10+ years of experience producing for leading brands, to ensure that the quality of our products is not compromised.



    Sustainability is in the heart of our operations, and we strive our best to reduce the environmental and social footprint in what we do.


    We use high quality textiles to ensure durability and less consumption, to avoid falling into the category of 'fast fashion'.

    Responsible Suppliers Only

    We audit our suppliers regularly and only work with those which treat the workers respectfully with reasonable wage and decent working environment.

    Recycled Textiles

    In future collections, we are working to incorporate recycled and organic textiles.