We are on a mission to revolutionalize the traditional athleisure industry.

On average, 65%+ of the price you pay for traditional athleisure & yoga brands goes into marketing, branding and retail costs. Only 35% is spent on the products you purchase. 
As enthusiastic athletes ourselves, we found it frustrating to always have to break the bank to get high quality athleisure products. We also found it unfair to us customers, as the 65% marketing costs most sport brands spend to get your attention do not any add value to the design or the quality of the product!
So we decided to experiment with a new model - to set up our own in-house team of fabric scientists and designers to manufacture high quality athleisure, while drastically reducing the marketing markups by maintaining an online-only setting and keeping only minimal advertisement.
We work directly with manufacturers which have 10+ years of experience producing for leading brands, to ensure that the quality is not compromised with our affordable price.